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Deck equipment technology, winches, cranes, chain stoppers, captans

Fortaco’s technology offering covers all deck equipment for fishery, offshore and cargo ships, and also passenger ferries. Products are manufactured according to drawings and plans provided by a customer. If required, Fortaco’s technology department can support with the product design process and manufacturability.

Customer has an option to select a delivery scope, as from components like frames or drums to final assembled and tested equipment. This case, Fortaco can also take care of a cooperation with classification societies. Fortaco’s service team carries out installations at shipyards, or on a board, when ships are at a maintenance location. The same team can also provide with product services, if required.

Documentation is always included and 100% traceability.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process of deck machinery includes the following:

Material management. Fortaco takes responsibility on certified materials, including required
material certifications. It is also possible to certify materials with classification societies.

Material preparation. Bending and roll bending, as well as securing of clean parts for a welding process.

Welding. Welding process based on an ISO 3842-2 welding standard. Fortaco has own IWE
engineers to secure right processes and quality of weldments. Welds will be inspected according to manufacturing documents and by a 3 rd part inspection, if needed.

Machining of products. Well invested CNC-park will ensure right capabilities.
Surface treatment. Surface treatment includes cleaning of parts. Rinsing of grease and oil is the first step. A good base for painting is secured by a shoot blasting. A metallization process, as part of the painting process, ensure corrosion protection, even in the most severe conditions.

Assembly. Fortaco’s experienced assembly crew carries out mechanical, hydraulic, and electric assembly to the needed extent. Fortaco also provides automation programming for products when necessary.

Testing. Fortaco has excellent testing facilities with measuring devices to report FAT test results. All functional tests can be carried out, and pooling of winch cables made without twisting of cables.

Service team at your location. Fortaco’s service team helps with installation and commissioning at a shipyard or on a ship, anywhere on the globe.

Documentation. Fortaco provides with needed documentation for any deck equipment project. We
keep the Manufacturing Record Book up to date with needed information.

Project Management

Professional project management is a must, when executing demanding marine and offshore projects. Our professional progress reporting system keeps all stakeholders up to date continuously.

Project managers take care of projects efficient and effective way by optimizing time, resources and costs. A Project Manager is the main contact point between a customer and Fortaco. Project Manager reports on a project progress and takes care that all tasks are made on-time.

Assembly brochure

Fortaco's offering within the Assembly business unit includes a broad range of assembly services. Download our Assembly Brochure to find out more.

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We are the largest manufacturer of steel fabrications in Europe. Our focus is on quality, delivery performance and productivity in our manufacturing operations.

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