Learning from the Leader

Toyota has always been a great inspiration for Fortaco. ????

There is so much to learn from the global leader of automotive industry, even though we do not manufacture cars in big series.

Since 2018, Fortaco has been visiting Toyota - nearly 100 of our team members have taken part in their one- or three-day events which are focusing on Lean, people driven Leadership which is critical for the sustainable continuous improvement. ↗️

Some of the events were led by professor Jefrey K. Liker, the author of ”The Toyota Way”.

The driving theme is Toyota’s scientific approach to achieve goals and solve problems. To develop such daily routines, we need to have an understanding on every level of organization, including our top leaders and investors, managing directors, People & HR team, middle managers and support functions.

We are grateful for Toyota for openness, deployment of senior leaders, and sharing insight in Toyota Production System - Thank you! ☀️