Bauma 2022 draws closer

World’s leading trade fair Bauma takes place in Munich 24 – 30 October. With the key themes of digitalization and sustainability Bauma provides valuable insights into promising technologies.

Fortaco Technology – active in green environmental transformation

Our Technology team of professionals is developing solutions to reduce global warming. We are working with research and concept development to address the areas of fossil-free steel, light-weight structures, circular economy, and E-mobility. We have a research study ongoing on fossil-free steel to understand how new material can be used on customers’ applications. We are a member of FOSSA-research project. A new light-weight steel structure design is undergoing a field test with a key customer. The usage of high-strength steel is part of customer’s new electrified fleet approach improving the fuel economy. The SmartSteel project is aiming at providing real-life information about the residual lifetime of steel components and enables many circular economy actions like refurbishment and re-manufacturing. E-mobility technologies like battery power pack are in an advanced study phase. We are investigating an offering Fortaco could provide in the future.

Vehicle Cabins – no compromises with safety

Fortaco and Buisard cabins have joined forces. Through a strategic alliance we are the market leading vehicle cabin technology and manufacturing business serving the off-highway equipment industry. FORTACO BUISARD CABINS offering include low, medium, and high-volume glazed cabins with the assembly content, and also full plug and play vehicle cabins. We wish you welcome to meet our vehicle cabin experts at Bauma to discuss how we can further support you.

Steel Fabrications – modern manufacturing

Fortaco is the largest manufacturer of steel fabrications in Europe. We are focusing on quality, delivery performance, and productivity in our manufacturing operations. Based on our long history in steel processing, we have established ourselves as a benchmark and reliable partner to our customers. We support you on product design and manufacturability to ensure the most efficient manufacturing process with right quality and right price. This makes us a genuine manufacturing partner from design-to-manufacturing including sourcing, inspection, testing and delivery to the final destination.

Fortaco Assembly – system integrator​​​​​​

​Fortaco provides with a full range of services starting from the basic assembly labor content to sourcing and purchasing services, including all related logistics handling, where Fortaco can take the material responsibility. In addition, Fortaco Technology provides engineering services as from concept design up to final assembly and testing with the full pre-dispatch inspection to assure the highest quality standards and direct shipment to customers’ distribution network or even to end customers.

See you at Bauma

Our experts on technology, vehicle cabins, steel fabrications, and assemblies will tell you more about the latest news in the areas of technology and manufacturing. Take this opportunity and visit us on Fortaco booth A6.225.

Our team wishes you most welcome – see you at Bauma.

Lars Hellberg
President & CEO