Thank you for visiting us at Bauma!

2016 Bauma Exhibition was a record show again, 580.000 visitors and 3.423 exhibitors exchanged opportunities during one week at Messe München! Fortaco attended for the first time and we were very satisfied at the end of the exhibition week. A high number of customers, suppliers and also competitors visited Fortaco booth to discuss the current, and more importantly, new business opportunities for the future.

Fortaco would like to thank all of you, who made it possible. We have already started new initiatives and are exploring the real cases already valid for 2016.

Together we shape your industry!

Lars Hellberg
President & CEO

Business Site Sastamala starts to sell high precision coordinate measurement services

Business Site Sastamala, Machining unit starts to sell services on its high precision Coordinate Measuring Machine. The service includes CMM measurements with Carl Zeiss Prismo machine in a fully temperature controlled environment. Our experienced staff will produce customized measurement reports according to individual needs.

Description of facilities:
Maximum weight of piece: 3200 kg

X=1600 mm
Y=3000 mm
Z=1000 mm

CMM Measuring Service (3D-mittauspalvelu) is available from 1 May 2016 in Sastamala.
For further information, please contact Petri Parni, Sales Director Machining,


Fortacon Sastamalan koneistusyksikkö tarjoaa korkean tarkuuden mittauspalvelua ja raportointia. Palvelumme sisältää mittaukset Carl Zeiss Prismo mittakoneella, kontrolloiduissa olosuhteissa. Kokenut ja ammattitaitoinen mittaushenkilöstömme tuottaa mittausraportit asiakastarpeiden mukaan.
Mitattavan kappaleen maksimi paino ja mitat:

Paino: Maks. 3200 kg
X = 1600 mm
Y = 3000 mm
Z = 1000 mm

Annamme mielellämme lisätietoja. Tarjouskyselyihin vastaa koneistuksen myyntijohtaja Petri Parni

Business Site Holic awarded by Hyster-Yale Group

Business Site Holic has been awarded by Hyster-Yale in the category of "quality" and granted the 2015 Supplier Award for the excellent quality, supplied to Hyster-Yale at the Nijmegen (NL) plant. This award is especially rewarding as the fantastic result of “0” defect deliveries during the year 2015, which was the first year of cabin deliveries to Hyster-Yale in both companies’ co-operation. Hyster-Yale invited five European suppliers to attend the award ceremony in Troon, Scotland to receive awards in the different categories. Location was great; supplier company presentations were given and success stories introduced. The award ceremony was a highlight to the Fortaco team.

This is not only boosting the continued motivation to supply top quality, but also a milestone for Fortaco with the first supplier award during its' young history.

Many thanks to Hyster-Yale for the trust and great co-operation and congratulations to the Fortaco team, which made this possible!

2016 BAUMA

Fortaco is participating at 2016 Bauma Exhibition for the first time in the history. The Exhibition offers a great opportunity to see the latest from the construction equipment market world-wide. This is the hotspot of the industry at the moment and a great place to have interesting discussions with the leading industry experts. You can find Fortaco in Hall A6:508, see you there.


On April 11th BAUMA 2016 open its doors

Fortaco will be represented for the first time at Bauma in 2016. We warmly invite you to visit our team in Hall A6, booth A6.508.

Conception to delivery

The ability to effortlessly leverage a huge amount of experience gained in the off-highway sector - to help ‘give birth’ to electric buses and military vehicles – is the mark of a true one-stop-shop.

Boasting strengths are encompassing complete machine assembly, operator cabins, machining services and welded steel components, Fortaco manufactures in 10 business sites across Eastern Europe and Finland, providing its customers with industry best value. Fortaco aims to be the most professional and reliable partner, with total commitment to safety, quality and operational excellence.

Its customers benefit from the comprehensive project work for complete one-stop-shop service
solutions for steel fabrications, operator cabins and assembly. Fortaco’s services offer tremendous benefits for outsourcing of small and medium series, or by providing an external production satellite option. The cabin business, in particular, from simple over head guards up to full plug-and-play cabins, is one of the key success factors.

Two recent success stories are noteworthy. One is the cooperation with the Finnish bus maker Linkker to manufacture a fully electrical driven city bus, based on Linkker design and technology. The other is the BAE Systems All-Terrain Vehicle, Beowulf, presented at the Defence Exhibition in London, UK, last September. Both projects serve to demonstrate the company’s enormous experience in cabin development and manufacturing, as well as assembly services.

For Linkker, the cooperation started with a joint workshop defining the project target, content and timeline. This was new ground for both parties, as Fortaco’s experience comes from the off-highway market, but the principles in the planning of the manufacturing processes and tools, to identify and align suppliers and to define QHSE rules and preparing staffing models based on project progress and expected ramp-up, are common.

The cooperation included a full-scale content model for Fortaco, with full responsibility for sourcing, logistics management and ownership of material and assembly. The project was started in May 2015 and the first bus will be delivered in May 2016, a tremendous effort by both teams. Kimmo Erkkilä, CEO of Linkker, described it in a nutshell: “With an electric bus we are building the solution of the future, so to bring our ideas into reality, we needed a manufacturing partner who redefines its field too. The broad spectrum of expertise at Fortaco brings new ideas, increased efficiency and quality into the process.”

Combined effort

The Beowulf project with BAE was a completely different task - but just as demanding. The design emerged by combining the ideas and requirements of BAE with the experience of the Fortaco’s CabTech team. The vehicle serves multiple purposes, so the design and interior as well as the exterior concept needed to consider not only military, but also civilian requirements.

The result was a ‘poetry in motion’ appearance of the new BAE BVS10 Beowulf all-terrain vehicle. Intensive industrial design, 3D modelling, FEM analysis of HVAC system and cabin frame strength, as well as the design of the electrics and CANbus control system for the full vehicle, were part of the project tasks that Fortaco provided as a service to BAE.

Building the first prototype of both the front and rear cabin was a challenge. With no room for delay, BAE provided certain parts of the vehicle to Fortaco’s prototype workshop in its Kurikka, Finland, facility, while Fortaco had to line up its suppliers to be ready when needed. The result was rewarding - both presented a product to the market that is not only an eye-catching design reference, but also a technical highlight with unique features for the purpose for which it was designed.

Fortaco had once again proved to be a reliable partner, with the expertise to support its customers on the spot and with a total commitment to safety, quality and operational excellence.

Jochen Adam-Mueller is VP Sales Central Europe & Business Unit Assembly within Fortaco Group and has over 15 years' experience in the off-highway market.

FORTACO - Hall A6 Stand 508

At BAUMA - 4 successful days

Thank you for visiting us at BAUMA 2016. Four interesting days in Munich and a lot of interesting discussions with the industry professionals. The Exhibition has been a success for us, Fortaco is definitely a recognized player among the OEMs in the heavy equipment market. The Exhibition continue until the weekend, there is still time to visit us at our stand in Hall A6:508.

Fortaco invests in Härmä Business Site

Fortaco Group announces investment in a new Horizontal Milling Machine for Härmä Business Site. The new investment supports the Härmä strategy to be the preferred supplier of precision medium and heavy prismatic machined parts to the Nordic industry.

The new machining centre is equipped with a turntable size 1,8*2,2m and has x-movement of 4m. The machine, manufactured by TOS Kurim of the Czech Republic, will be operational in Q3 2016. Additional investments for productivity, safety and infrastructure improvements will also be made through 2016, supported by strengthening of the Machining Business Unit team.

In total these investments in Härmä Business Site exceed €800,000, further demonstrating Fortaco’s commitment to the machining business and helping to cement our position of the supplier of choice.
For further information please contact:

Juha Pouttu
Business Site Director
+358 50 364 6338

Petri Parni
Senior Sales Director
+358 40 501 9327

Fortaco is a unique manufacturing company operating in the heavy equipment market. Our strengths are in complete machine assembly, operator cabins, machining services and welded steel components. We manufacture in 10 business sites in Eastern Europe and Finland, providing our customers with industry best value. We aim to be the most professional and reliable partner, with total commitment to safety, quality and operational excellence.

Wide geographical footprint supports successful strategic sourcing

By streamlining its supplier base, Fortaco can better meet the quality, delivery, cost and safety requirements of its customers, says Krzysztof Michel, Senior Vice President of Group Sourcing at Fortaco. In addition to constant evaluation, utilising synergies within the Group’s wide geographical footprint is a key element in achieving the Group’s goals.

“Fortaco’s sourcing philosophy is in line with the company’s mission. We aim to reshape the way things are produced in order to create added value for customers. From the sourcing perspective this also means reshaping the way components and services are sourced,” says Krzysztof.

For the most part, Fortaco’s present supplier base has been formed out of the company’s heritage from Ruukki Engineering and Komas.

“The outcome of merging two organisations was a significant and scattered supplier base located to the great extent in High Cost Countries (HCC). To have good control over our sourcing and optimise cost, we are focusing on a limited number of suppliers. We have streamlined and selected the partners that we would like to continue with and limited the number of vendors from HCC we work with. At the same time, we have also identified new companies in Best Cost Countries (BCC) whom, after passing our evaluation process, we can partner with.”

Fortaco creates a competitive advantage by pursuing a geographically wide group approach. The Group Office for Fortaco Sourcing is located in Wrocław, Poland, a city that offers excellent opportunities for the acquisition of competent resources. Most importantly, it is the most convenient location in the Fortaco footprint for managing suppliers from Best Cost Countries and High Cost Countries.

“In comparison to our competitors, our advantage is our wide geographical and professional footprint. Because of our locations, we are closer to the markets and are able to do successful sourcing in the BCC. We also have strong market expertise, and therefore, we can offer synergistic benefits to our customers.”
In addition to the suppliers chosen by the company itself, Fortaco is working with suppliers that are selected by its customers.

On the whole, the Group is developing its sourcing to be more and more strategic instead of focusing in addition on transactional day-to-day operations.

“We can see that the importance of advanced business analysis has increased dramatically. Instead of just the cost of the purchase itself, to fulfil our customer demands, the total cost of ownership must be taken into account.”