Fortaco at Subcontracting Trade Fair 2017

Finland's leading industry trade fair takes place in Tampere on 26 - 28 September focusing on a partnership network. The number of visitors was record high last year, over 18.000 professionals from different industrial fields.

Fortaco businesses, Cabin, Steel Fabrication and Vehicle Assembly are represented at the fair, as well as our new Technology Department. Our people will tell you more, how we can toghether shape your industry through our solutions and services. You can find us in our traditional place - in the main hall, booth A630.

This is how virtual technology (VR) is revolutionizing cabin design

Designing of cabins has changed radically during the recent years, as the opportunities offered by the virtual technology have been adopted. By designing virtually, customer’s user experience can already be revealed with regard to the cabin and the machine in the first stages of design. Already when a product is at the stage of being a 3D model. It is worth noting that no prototype has been made yet, nor money has been spent at this stage outside the design department. It is a case of significant cost savings, which has revolutionized the cabin product design and the product development process.

“With the aid of virtual technology, we look at construction machine cabins in a virtual environment. This way we can improve the ergonomics and usability of a cabin. This means that the completion time of the product design project is reduced considerably. At the same time, we get customer’s and preferably end-user’s feelings and feedback about the product before anything concrete has been done. This affects the whole project, as time and money is saved,” says Aki Komulainen, Director responsible for the technology of cabins at Fortaco.

Virtual design brings customer's needs into the focus of cabin development. In the Virtual Reality laboratory, a customer gets to test out the functionality of the cabin, that fits into his daily operating environment. A decisive difference when using VR technology (virtual reality) is that the customer or the end-user can test out the solutions, which they want into the cabin themselves - virtually. All possible functional shortcomings can already be corrected at this stage, before any hardware is created.

“With the aid of VR, we can hit customer’s needs on the spot and leave out the construction of a physical model, so-called mock-up. Together with the driver we can study the reach of the driver, ergonomics of a cabin, design, safety and other required features,” says Fortaco’s Technical Manager, Juha Juvonen.

Indeed, VR technology makes user-centered design possible. Cabins have already been designed by computer modelling, but now this data model is taken into the virtual environment where the customer can see the choices made and functionality. The conversion of 3D data models into the virtual environment has become lot easier with the modern technology and can be done in hours.

“We have carried out several projects like these with our customers, including earth-moving and forestry machines, material handling machines, port cranes and mining industry machines. Generally, the VR work starts once the initial 3D design has been done. We run a workshop with the customer in the VR laboratory by testing a defined range of topics, like visibility and instrument layout, to receive feedback on subjective impressions. When the customer is giving own, valuable, additional information into the project, they also benefit from that their own people are committed to the project, already before the physical testing stage of the product,” Juvonen continues.

Fortaco has started ground-breaking cooperation with Tampere University of Technology already in 2006. The aim was to develop the tools of using virtual technology. In connection with the cabin product development project, a model of cabin was transferred into the virtual laboratory. One of the first drivable and movable models for a material-handling crane was created.

“Back then, the technology was not so advanced yet and it took us a lot of time and investment. Interfaces did not talk to the design software and virtual environments. We got it to work and experiences have been good. Now we are programing 3D models together with customers in virtual laboratories,” Komulainen summarizes with regard to the stages of the adoption of virtual technology.

Fortaco Estonia celebrated its 70th anniversary

On the 18th of May a 70 Year Anniversary was celebrated at the Fortaco factory in Narva. The factory was founded in 1947. During the decades we have developed equipment and apparatus for the nuclear physics industry and products for agricultural, aerospace, medical as well as electrics industries. Our factory in Narva is one of Fortaco’s five steel fabrication factories with long-lasting experience in steel processing.

The official part of celebrations with speeches and factory tours took place on 18 May and on 19 May the factory was open for employees, their families and former employees. About thousand people visited us in two days. All our guests noted the high level of production today.

Before the opening ceremonies, Fortaco Estonia announced a major facility expansion. There are plans underway to build a new production building with a floor area of 10,000 m2. The total investment to be as high as 10 MEUR in the coming years. With the facility expansion Fortaco Estonia creates 150 new jobs at the factory in Narva.

We would like to express thanks to our customers, business partners, state representatives and regional authorities, who joined our celebrations. Also, we would like to thank our employees for their dedication and hard work by making tomorrow better than today.

As a symbol of good customer relationship, each of our customers planted an own tree in front of the factory.

Moments from the celebration, the first part only in Russian.

New high-tech equipment inaugurated at Business Site Jászberény

New automated, high-tech construction equipment for the boom production has been inaugurated at Business Site Jászberény. High-performance welding robots were introduced on 5 April, the local government and the member of the Hungarian Parliament participated in a ceremony.

Dr. Szabó Tamás, Mayor of Jászberény City and Mr. Pócs János, member of the Hungarian Parliament wished welcome the large-scale development at Fortaco Jászberény factory, which is also celebrating the 66 year anniversary of Jászberény this year.

Mr. Uwe Sträter, Business Site Director highlighted the growth path of Fortaco, and especially of Jászberény factory in 2017.

In the ceremony Dr. Szabó Tamás, Mr. Pócs János and Mr. Uwe Sträter were cutting the color ribbon and they started new welding robots by pushing the button in the presence of media.
With this kind of high-tech equipment development the efficiency of welding and steel structures is increasing Fortaco production capacity at Business Site Jászberény.

Fortaco reshaping the way things are produced in the rolling stock market

Fortaco Business Site Wrocław in Poland has been audited successfully by TUV SUD and obtained a certificate for 15085-2:2007. Fortaco is ready and committed to continue its journey to reshape the way things are produced - now also in the rolling stock industry.

For further information, please contact Erik Gustafsson, Key Account and Sales Manager.

Fortaco Oy has finalized divestment of Business Unit Machining to Komas Oy

Fortaco Oy has finalized the divestment of BU Machining - Business Site Härmä and Sastamala Machining - to Komas Oy on 31 March 2017. As a result of the transaction the business and employees of Business Site Härmä and Sastamala Machining have been transferred to Komas Oy. Personnel has been transferred as old employees. The financial details of the transaction are not disclosed.

For further information, please contact:
Kimmo Raunio
Senior Vice President & CFO
Fortaco Group Oy
Tel. +358 40 593 6854

Fortaco Oy on saanut päätökseen koneistusliiketoiminnan, Härmän ja Sastamalan koneistusyksiköiden myynnin Komas Oy:lle 31.3.2017. Transaktion myötä kyseisten yksiköiden liiketoiminta ja työntekijät siirtyvät Komasille Oy:lle. Henkilöstö siirtyy Komasin palvelukseen vanhoina työntekijöinä. Osapuolet eivät julkista kauppahintaa.

Kimmo Raunio
Senior Vice President & CFO
Fortaco Group Oy
Tel. +358 40 593 6854