FORTACO BUISARD CABINS - transaction closed

On December 14, 2021 we announced a strategic alliance, Fortaco Group and Buisard Cabins have joined forces and established the Fortaco Buisard Cabins entity within Fortaco Group.

We are happy to inform, the transaction has been closed on 4 January 2022.

Season's Greetings

Dear customers, business partners and colleagues,
We want to thank all of you for a good collaboration
in the extraordinary year 2021.

Fortaco team is wishing you a Peaceful Christmas Time
with your nearest ones and a Successful Year 2022.

Stay safe
Fortaco Team

Offering scope increased

Great developments continue, Fortaco has acquired a paintshop in Janow Lubelski, Poland. Both the plant and related machinery are included and they have been acquired from Alucrom, with whom we have cooperated since 2014.

The paintshop facility of 2.000 m2 was built in 2014 and it is located next to our existing factory in Janow Lubelski. Employees will be transferred to Fortaco. The transaction was signed on 20.12.2021 and the transfer of ownership is planned to take place on 31 March 2022.

We are confident that the control of the complete value chain will be highly beneficial in our business environment, and with this acquisition we will increase our scope of offering for new and existing customers. We want to thank Alucrom for the great cooperation during these years and throughout the acquisition process.

Read our press release here

Honoured guests in Narva

Fortaco Estonia had a pleasure to welcome Mr. Alar Karis, President of Estonia, to the factory visit last week.

During his visit Mr. Karis was introduced to the latest development and extension of Fortaco operations in Narva, recent investments, demolition site and training center.

Larissa Shabunova, Managing Director of Fortaco Estonia, introduced the factory. Good discussions around the present market challenges were brought up, and also actions connected with finding and growing talented workforce.

Fortaco Estonia has trained more than 150 people this year, thanks to the dedicated work of the team. The factory has also invested greatly in new machinery, and a new welding robot.

President also visited power plants is Narva and discussed the prospects of Estonian energy sector with the management of Eesti Energia.

HR Award Success in Jaszbereny

Behavior HR magazine announced a contest for ”HR Manager of the Year” in Hungary last Autumn for the second time.

The award is given to HR managers, who have significantly contributed to the success of their company and stable development of organizational culture. These managers have outstanding performance and innovative HR solutions, and they care employee satisfaction greatly.

Viola Szabo, People & HR Manager at Fortaco’s Business Site Jaszbereny in Hungary was one of the thirteen HR professionals in a small business category, who took part in the contest.

The process started with the nomination of candidates, and those who accepted nomination prepared an application. The second step was a public voting via social media, and thereafter the jury completed the final list of five applicants in each categories: small business, mid-company and enterprise.

We are happy to tell you, based on the jury’s decision, Viola was awarded with the second place in the contest. Congratulations Viola, and thank you for your everyday effort and continued development!

Fortaco Group and Buisard Cabins have joined forces

We are happy to reveal Fortaco Group has joined forces and established the Fortaco Buisard Cabins entity within Fortaco Group.

Through this strategic alliance, we create a market leading vehicle cabin technology and manufacturing business serving the off-highway equipment industry as part of Fortaco Group. We both have respected and complementary customer portfolio, and the alliance will provide them optimized design and manufacturing solutions for best-in class cabins.

Buisard is the leading independent cabin specialist for low, medium and high-valume cabins. With robotized welding and painting lines, it produces over 120 cabins daily.

Together we will further develop vehicle cabin offerings worldwide. Sustainable future as one team is going to be formed with our great teams and broad know-how. We have already decided to invest in a robot welding line at Holic factory in Slovakia, similar to the line at Buisard factory in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France, and in addition to extend the real estate floorspace for new sales program.

The transaction was signed 10.12.2021, closing to be on the first week of January. Read our press release, published on 14.12.2021

Fortaco at CEF 3-4 November

Construction Equipment Forum 2021 is taking place this week 3-4 November in Berlin.

Fortaco team will be attending two days, bringing knowledge about decentralized and authenticated data.

Last year we talked about the idea of SmartSteel, and this year we are showing our blockchain demo.

Blockchain could have many applications in construction industry, as decentralized and authenticated data might strongly influence on residual lifetime. Blockchain could help to achieve higher residual and sales value, decrease financial risk for leasing companies and many more.

Want to learn and see our demo? Come and meet us at CEF in Berlin next week.

More about the event:

Investments at Fortaco Narva factory

Beginning of summer, we started a demolition project of a huge old-time useless building in front of our factory. Along with a new, large parking lot, which will be located in the area of old building, we are welcoming our employees, customers, and all stakeholders to visit our factory. In addition to the new parking area, the demolition project will improve safety in surroundings. Also, the outlook of Narva city center will be improved.

In addition, we have good news in regard to investments in machinery. This year and beginning of next year, we will have five (5) different new machines: two CNC Correa machining centers, two bending presses of 200 t and 150 t and one laser cutting centre.

It is very hard to overestimate the importance of these investments in the current environment. With the new machines we will create additional capacity in prefabrication and final machining, which will increase total throughput, and secure our operations, and our customers' supply chain.

With these good news, we wish a good start for the autumn and businesses - and welcome you to visit Narva.

Below the main specification of new equipment.

2 CNC Correa machines - Norma MG
Dimensions: 700 x 850 cm; X: 3,5m Y: 1,5 m Z: 1,25m

2 bending presses of 200 t and 150 t - Beyeler Xpert
Bending table length 3,1 m

Laser cutting centre - Bystronic Bystar
Max. power 4400 w, laser medium CO2, transmitted wave length 10600 nm,
beam diameter 20 mm, polarization: circular, maximum sheet dimensions 4000 x 2000 mm,
material thickness 20 mm steel, 12 mm aluminum, 3 mm copper

Lars Hellberg

Summer Greetings

Dear customers, business partners and the Fortaco team,

The first half of 2021 has been an extraordinary busy time period. Our order intake is record high, and we can still see +50% growth in order intake, which will contribute to record high turnover in 2021. We are planning our activities around Fortaco Go Green by scrutinizing in-house sustainability strategy and related actions. We are listening to customers and the market, in regard to e-mobility, and fossil free steel of the future. We are digitalizing our operations to make them more simple and more efficient.

We still experience the Corona pandemic around us. Fortaco has managed the situation fairly good, our teams at factories have managed to secure operations with limited impacts. I appreciate the open and constructive dialogue with customers.

Endless commitment to safety

I am very pleased to see our employee’s endless commitment on safety. As we know, initially safety is to secure right equipment, however, the most important is the individual behavior and endless commitment: stop - think – act, on a continuous basis. We have moved from having several incidents per month to having several months without incident. This proves it is indeed possible to run with zero incidents in Fortaco Group. We have launched a Safety Handbook to present our safety strategy, as a reminder to all of us. The devil is in the details, we all know, an injury can happen in any minute - let us stay safe.

Master of Flexibility – critical success factor

Master of Flexibility (MoF) is a key strategic cornerstone for our success. We expect MoF to be a critical success factor for Fortaco for many years to come, because the possibilities for improvement are endless, and our customers’ requirements continuously change. Together with customers, we have reduced lead-time from several weeks to several days. We have also launched a Master of Flexibility Handbook, and our plan is to run an intensive in-house training in the second half of 2021.

Business Site Gruza in Serbia

Fortaco acquired a new Business Site in Serbia, which has been integrated with respect, simplicity and speed. New Business Site provides Fortaco and its’ customers with new capacity within steel fabrication and assembly business. As our key capabilities, we are currently manufacturing high-tech large winches. Our focus is to identify customers within Fortaco’s large customer portfolio, and generate additional business in a coming time period.

Have a great summer season

It is time for holidays. The first half has been hectic and excited, and the outlook for the second half is showing even more growth for many products and customers.

I would like to thank all of you for the strong commitment – together we will ‘Make Tomorrow Safer and Better’. Enjoy the summer with your nearest and friends. Stay safe, we will have a strong market ahead of us and orders going forward.

With best personal regards,

Lars Hellberg
President & CEO


Safety record at Fortaco - Business Site Sastamala achieved 1000 days

A new safety record has been achieved at Business Site Sastamala, 1000 days without a lost time injury. The last accident, with the lost time from work, happened in October 2018. Since then, a lot of things has been changed.

Several improvements and development ideas have been executed to achieve 1000 days without injuries. One important change has been to start using a safety observation tool. All workers have a possibility to report unsafe condition. The safety tool alone, does not impact on safety culture, but it has been enabling discussions around safety, and turned attention to small details, which can be done in a safer way. By this, the already existing commitment towards safety has been further improved and become even stronger on each level of organization.

Also, another impressive safety record has been achieved in Sastamala beginning of June, the Load & Hauling Assembly Department has been working for more than 3000 days without any lost time injury.

Great and impressive – congratulations to the team!