Fortaco Estonia continues with investments – new machining centers taken into use

Fortaco Estonia has taken into use two new machining centers to secure the future business growth. The new machinery will improve accuracy and quality for the manufacturing process and ensure increasing demand from the market.

The Huyndai horizontal boring machine KBN135L makes it possible to handle pieces up to 10 tons of weigh. Huynday is capable to handle movements up to X = 3 000 mm, Y = 2 000 mm, Z = 1 600 mm and W = 700 mm.

The Correa Fox 40 bridge type of machine represents a new and innovative concept with the speed and precision of high performance machining. There is a unique system, which is controlling temperature generated in the vertical axis of the machine. Correa has versatile capability up to X = 4 500 mm, Y = 2 500 mm and Z vertical = 1700 mm. The maximum weight of a work piece is 15 tons.

Together with the zero point fixing and pallet system the both machines are improving production efficiency and machining quality at Business Site Narva.