Fortaco Estonia strengthens prefabrication capacity by investing in new laser cutting machine

Fortaco Estonia has taken into use the brand new Bystronic ByLaser 6000 -cutting machine to secure capacity for ready-to-weld parts. The new machine is using the latest laser technology with software solutions that enables the lean manufacturing processes. The machine will improve the quality of cutted parts and ensure effective robot welding process. In-built automatized features increase the utilization rate and make it possible to run the machine unmanned as well.

The new laser cutting machine is part of Fortaco Estonia’s investment program to ensure a sustainable growth together with Fortaco’s key customers.

Fortaco Business Site in Narva is one of the biggest Steel Fabrication companies in Estonia. Our factory is specialized to make components for material handling, forestry and mining industries, like booms for cranes, crappers and frames. Fortaco factory in Narva is using about 10.000 tons of steel plates per year, which are processed to high quality products by over 500 employees. Fortaco Estonia is the competence center of high-strength steel processing, as it requires special skills and experience in all phases of manufacturing processes.

The cutting area of the machine is 4090 mm x 2060 mm and maximum plate thickness is 25 mm.