Fortaco focuses on early involvement

Time to market is increasingly important and therefore it is vital to shorten the R&D phase and ensure the best possible cost structure during the process. Fortaco invests in product development and early involvement securing a cost-efficient and high-quality value chain for the customer.

“We support our customers throughout the whole journey – from the early phases to product launch and production,” says Janne Hihnala, Business Site Director in Fortaco’s Kalajoki unit.

Fortaco focuses on solutions and processes that ensure cost efficiency and high quality for the customer by providing, for example, the product design, welding, surface finishing, machining, sourcing and installation.

Fortaco started investing in product development together with customers several years ago.
“We are not just the supplier, but also the developer. This is how we are reshaping the way things are produced. We need to understand clearly what the customer wants. Having this understanding is the best approach to this business,” says Mihály Manasses, Business Site Director in Fortaco’s Jászberény unit.
For example, together with one of its customers Fortaco has formed a development group that constantly evaluates how to improve product quality.

“This is very important to us, especially with a valued long-term customer,” Mihály says. “Investing in product development with the customer does not instantly bring more money, but in most cases it brings continuity. We have received a lot of feedback from our customer that they are very content with our investment in development.”

Broad spectrum of expertise

Fortaco’s customers get solutions, service and products from Fortaco’s different business sites in Europe. Fortaco has a number of business sites in Europe representing distinct areas of expertise that vary from high quality product development to serial manufacturing.

“In Jászberény, Hungary and Narva, Estonia, for example, Fortaco is specialised in welding of high strength steels, while in Janów and Wrocław, Poland, Fortaco’s specialty is high- and mid-volume production of various welded structures. In Kalajoki, Finland, we have bigger and heavier products and projects related to power and nuclear applications,” explains Janne.

“The customer does not need to find out where in Europe to get a single product or service – we will find out what is the cheapest product chain. For the customer, there is only one Fortaco, even though we have operations in many countries in Europe,” says Janne.

“Our way of working always reflects our values; respect, simplicity and speed,” Mihály says. “For example in welding, which is my area of expertise, we possess deep knowledge about welding of normal and special steel and are well equipped to process heavy components and special technology like bending, rolling, machining and high quality surface treatment. We are unique in the business.”

When it comes to Mihály’s all-time favourite project, the answer is easy: “To build one customer-driven Fortaco!”