Fortaco operations solid and safe

Following the outbreak of the Corona virus Covid-19, European governments have taken several health-related border management measures and limitations to people and businesses. The aim is to protect citizens’ health and make sure that essential goods and services remain available.

Fortaco has also taken measures to keep our people, working places, and operations safe. We have imposed number of restrictions at our factories to protect our people and prevent infection. We are closely following local regulations and recommendations made by local authorities.

To confirm our earlier messages, we are not experiencing any major disturbances in our operations, and supply chain, and we are continuing with the normal production output. We are in a close communication with our customers and suppliers to secure smooth production and delivery of goods.

We will continue to update all our stakeholders as developments occur, but in the meantime, we hope everyone remains safe and healthy and would like to thank everybody for continued support.

Please do not hesitate to contact local Fortaco representatives for more information.

Marcus Engman
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Sales