Fortaco Technology is now Zero Emission Solutions

“When starting my first job in Isuzu Motors in Japan as a diesel engine control system engineer, I was excited to develop solutions that reduce CO2 and other emissions.

Today, the ambition level is even higher – together with my colleagues in Fortaco we are developing zero emission solutions.” – Rafal Sornek

Fortaco is active with the green environmental transformation and one of our strategic targets is to transform the off-highway equipment industry into emission free.  To prioritize and focus on this transition, Fortaco’s Technology unit has been transformed into Zero Emission Solutions to highlight our strategic direction and develop future business offerings. The main focus areas are: fossil-free steel, lightweight structures, circular economy, and e-mobility.


Development of technologies is a focus area for Zero Emission Solutions, the main three areas being:

SystemTech: research and development of new systems related to operator cabins and thermal management.

ManuTech: research and development of new production technologies as well as design of highly efficient production lines.

SteelTech: research and development with a focus on lightweight structures.

In addition, Zero Emission Solutions explore newly emerging business areas related to the electrification of off-highway equipment industry.


The Zero Emission Solutions unit is led by Rafal Sornek.

  • SystemTech is led by Aki Komulainen.
  • ManuTech is led by Zbigniew Zych.
  • SteelTech is led by Rafal Sornek (acting role).

CabTech organization is transferred to Business Site Kurikka and Holic:

  • CabTech Kurikka is led by Markus Jouppila.
  • CabTech Holic is led by Daniel Pseno.

Fortaco considers the transformation of off-highway equipment industry into emission free as one of its key future targets.

Rafal Sornek
Senior Vice President
Zero Emission Solutions