Forward Forever

Customer service is a key priority at Fortaco, and we are happy to have in our team very skillful people, who are committed to this and have a great understanding of its importance. This time our eyes are on Kurikka factory in Finland, where the world-class vehicle cabins are manufactured, and Sami Kuusisto, Production Planner is working.

Sami has over decade of history and partnership with Fortaco. His journey started as an external worker in cabin assembly, and before his current position he worked as a supervisor and purchaser at Kurikka factory. Sami’s background in various responsibilities ensure he has an extensive knowledge of production processes, which is a great advantage in fulfilling his position. He is a very skilled employee and holds Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, more precisely mechatronics/machine automation.

Customers always first

Production Planner has a key role in a contribution to secure a production flow and communicating with customers about their delivery process. Communication must be open and effective, as changes regarding deliveries might happen. Among customers, Sami is known as a trusted person, who is successfully having ‘all the plates in his hands’.

His competence as a contact person has been highlighted by customers who are grateful for his excellent customer service and communication skills. He has a great ability to understand customer’s needs, which is the key factor when developing the service. ”For me, it is a priority number one to answer customer’s inquiries first, everything else comes afterwards”, says Sami, and he thinks this is the clear reason for his success in his position.

Growing potential

Fortaco is dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of people, processes and services. These are the same qualities that motivate and drive Sami in his everyday work and keep him engaged. ”The fact that processes are always developed further instead of just being satisfied with the current way of working is very encouraging”, he admits. He is very familiar with all the processes at Kurikka factory and sees there is still a lot of potential to progress forward.

Thanks to his systematic and accurate way of working, as well as intrinsic interest and expertise in the systems he works with, the development and progress of customer satisfaction has been shown as great results in surveys in Kurikka – thanks to Sami and the great team. ”I feel, production planning is definitely my area of expertise and I enjoy it greatly”, he is happy to tell. ”I find it very inspiring that with my input I am able to influence many different aspects in daily operations and witness successful outcomes”.

The Good Old Donald

Many of Sami’s activities outside of factory are gathered around his family. Wife and their two son keep him definitely busy, especially, older son’s baseball trainings and games in which he loves to take part and see the development of his son’s skills. If not on the baseball field, Sami can be found in the nature, fishing and jogging in a beautiful landscape of Western Finland – or reading Donald Ducks, the good old comic books. ”I have stored all the books I have received since my childhood”, he smiles. His order for, and interest in comics is still alive and well, and these days shared with his older son.

We wish Sami many delightful moments with his dear family – and of course Mr. Donald Duck.