New high-tech equipment inaugurated at Business Site Jászberény

New automated, high-tech construction equipment for the boom production has been inaugurated at Business Site Jászberény. High-performance welding robots were introduced on 5 April, the local government and the member of the Hungarian Parliament participated in a ceremony.

Dr. Szabó Tamás, Mayor of Jászberény City and Mr. Pócs János, member of the Hungarian Parliament wished welcome the large-scale development at Fortaco Jászberény factory, which is also celebrating the 66 year anniversary of Jászberény this year.

Mr. Uwe Sträter, Business Site Director highlighted the growth path of Fortaco, and especially of Jászberény factory in 2017.

In the ceremony Dr. Szabó Tamás, Mr. Pócs János and Mr. Uwe Sträter were cutting the color ribbon and they started new welding robots by pushing the button in the presence of media.
With this kind of high-tech equipment development the efficiency of welding and steel structures is increasing Fortaco production capacity at Business Site Jászberény.