The future of welding – 40 robots and new approach from design to manufacturing

The next wave of robot investments constitutes a significant landmark in Fortaco’s history. The number of robots raised to 40 after the three new welding robot investments at Business Site Janow Lubelski, Kalajoki and Wroclaw.

This is an inevitable development in the era of modern manufacturing and digitalization. In the off-highway industry the robotization of manufacturing is a real challenge. The combination of high variability, seasonality and low volumes are setting the framework for a flexible manufacturing system. In our industry, volumes are not measured in millions of produced units but rather 10 – 1000 units per year.

Many of today’s products have been designed without thinking the use of robotization in manufacturing processes. In addition, the new generation of engineers has limited experience of manufacturing environments, technologies or processes.

The new Fortaco Technology unit has been created as a response to today’s challenges among many of our customers within the off-highway industry. Our Manufacturing Technology team is enabling our customers to realize the full potential of robotization in manufacturing . We are working closely with our partners in the robotics to secure that we make tomorrow better than today.

We invite and challenge our customers to involve Fortaco Technology team already in the concept and design phases to enable the best result. Your success is important.

With our 40 robots at the Fortaco factories we are committed to secure the technology shift.

Join us in this interesting journey!