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For industrial companies digitalization and service offering has emerged as key strategies to drive growth. Digitalization and offering of services  is the shift from the traditional product centric model of selling to a focus on offering total solutions. Reshaping the way things are produced is our approach to the growing industry need to look for alternative sourcing and outsourcing solutions. Complete vehicle assemblies or module assemblies take this one step further.

Fortaco’s offering includes a broad range of assembly services. Fortaco can provide the final assembly of vehicles or products, including the functional testing of equipment or sub-assemblies like power package, drilling boom, cabin or other functional entities, to name a few. Fortaco is able to provide our customers with a full range of services starting from providing assembly labor only to material sourcing – including handling of all related logistics – in which Fortaco could also own the related materials. Additionally, Fortaco can provide engineering services starting in the concept design phase up to final assembly and testing with a full (customer-specific) pre-dispatch inspection to assure the highest quality standards and allowing direct shipment to our customers’ distribution network or even end customers.

In possible outsourcing cases, we can take full ownership of our customers’ assembly manufacturing, allowing our customers to focus on their core business. Global customers lacking a European production setup can find a reliable partner, offering services without forcing them to make investments alone.

Our customers have an access to the most effective production processes and methods, and we proactively identify technologies that save time and money, while bringing our customers closer to their own customers. Our capabilities include electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic assemblies to cover any variety of state-of-the-art equipment technology.

Finally, we offer lifetime service, including change management and after-sales service for spare parts. Fortaco is a full service provider able to tailor services to individual customer needs.

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Fortaco's offering within the Assembly business unit includes a broad range of assembly services. Download our Vehicle Assembly Brochure to find out more.


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