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Since long time, Fortaco has put a great focus on Operational Excellence. Our slogan is Make Tomorrow Safer and Better. For us, this means utilization of lean principles, when creating a serial manufacturing setup with modern and efficient production lay-out, right manufacturing technologies, equipment, and tools. Lean management is not a method, but a corporate philosophy. It leads through the totality of thought principles, methods, and procedures to the efficient design of a complete value chain of industrial goods.

New product implementation ensure a seamless transition from a prototype phase into the serial production. Fortaco applies the modern quality assurance methods and part approval processes to ensure the defined quality of our production process.

Fortaco’s Technology team is supporting customers with industrialization as well. Both a product design and manufacturing process must be optimized, and all non-necessary waste has to be identified and removed.

ManuTech team service include

  • Design-to-manufacturing advisory
  • Robotization consultancy
  • Process optimization
  • Value-stream analysis
  • Lay-out planning
  • Digital twin simulation