Concept & Product Development

Fortaco Technology is active in research and concept development. We support our customers in the various stages of product lifetime. We research various applications for safe and comfort driver environment as well as materials and manufacturing technology.

We have a wide range of tested solutions for the most demanding driver environments in the world.

In the RapidSteel-project we are focusing on lightweight materials and weight reduction to decrease CO2 footprint of our customers. The aim is to create an integrated tool chain, and product design optimization based on the real-life product usage, product design and automation of manufacturing processes.

Fortaco has a strong internal and external network of partners, research institutes and universities.

We deliver results in given time schedule.


An operator cabin, a command center of any off-highway vehicle, can be defined as an interface between a user and a machine. The purpose of operator cabin has evolved, from weather protection to safe, ergonomic, and comfortable working environment. Productivity is of key importance to any machine owner.

Fortaco CabTech team consists of experienced industrial designers and engineers, accompanied by skilled project managers. The team is ready to take the first initial idea to a fully industrialized operator cabin. Modern systems and tools ensure a proper documentation and communication with customers, and guarantee an efficient project management, including product configurators.

A design project is initiated by a pre-study, including solution conception, interior and exterior design conception, and component lay-out. We offer 3D, virtual cabin visualization as part of an operator environment study. Next phase of the design and engineering project is to finalize frame engineering and continue with windows, doors, wiper systems, and insulation. Electric engineering and control system engineering ensure compatibility to the rest of vehicle systems. HVAC solution is one of the most critical characteristics of an operator cabin. The last phase is to start finalizing interior and exterior part design and engineering based on earlier completed stages.