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Product lifetime support

Fortaco is supporting customers throug the whole product lifetime. We are maintaining product data up-to-date during the entire lifecycle. Our ecosystem includes digital platforms: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifetime Management (PLM), ERP and Configure Price Quote software (CPQ).

Product data and technical documentation is maintained in our Product Lifecycle Management system, which is powered by Sovelia software. Customers have a full online access into the database and also to the latest documentation anytime – like product structures, engineering change management, document archive, revision control, approvals and stamping.

Product designs are developed and maintained in our CAD system, which is powered by Solidworks E3 series. Data includes 3D models, product structures, assembly drawings, and other documentation. Both the engineering change request and design assignment are well documented and stored.

The CPQ system allows our customers to configure their products prior to start of manufacturing. CPQ include agreed configurations and option management. The customer made configuration is the basis for the manufacturing order into ERP.

Our ecosystem allows us to combine agile change management and short lead-times for fully configurated products.

Availability of spare parts is guaranteed for all cabins manufactured by us for 10 years after the end of production.

Fortaco is a true lifetime partner for our customers.