Flexible, reliable and agile partner in R&D and manufacturing technology.

Your partner in R&D, engineering and manufacturing technology

We are a flexible, reliable and agile, yet effective partner in cabin development projects. We are capable to offer all-inclusive project solutions for vehicle cabins from design concepting to cost effective serial manufacturing. We have 80 years of experience in vehicle cabin and off-road machinery design and manufacturing.

Fortaco Technology supports customers in the various stages of product lifetime. We research state of the art manufacturing techniques to support our customers with product concepts, we design best-in-class operator cabins to differentiate our customers from a competition, we provide design-to-manufacturing advisory in new product implementation.

We use some of the most modern engineering tools for our design and engineering work and product lifecycle management.

The Fortaco team consists of experienced specialists from industrial designers, mechanical and electric engineers to FEM analysts and prototype manufacturing professionals.


We are continuously working on short- and long-term development projects to offer unique benefits in product development. Concepts include a new way of thinking to utilize Big Data and solar energy for off-highway industry, and also, to utilize established methods from other industries to benefit our customers. In addition, we work actively with the green steel initiatives. We are currently engaged in several multi-discipline research programs together with our partners.

New product implementation

By carefully examining and simulating various production process layouts, we can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing. Our design-to-manufacturing services can improve efficiency of operations and lead to significant cost reductions in manufacturing of products. We simulate and optimize production processes before every major new product implementation. Our digital twins ensure a right balance and workflow of intended manufacturing process before a production hardware installation.


We are proud of designing operator cabins for most demanding off-highway applications. We are providing an operator with excellent ergonomics and safety. Protecting operations in most drastic conditions, like a collapsing of underground mining tunnel, is our priority.

Our CabTech team services include:

Industrial design    Mechanical and electrical engineering of operator cabins    Control system design and engineering   HVAC system design, engineering, and integration    FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis    CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation    Usability and visibility verification    Virtual and physical prototyping    Testing and certification

Product lifetime care

Our technology teams support our customers with change management and after market needs during the entire product life-cycle. Fortaco has a dedicated PLM ecosystem to manage engineering, product information and documentation needs.

Engineering Change Request (ECR) process enables customers to modify and upgrade products during serial production.

Design Assignment (DA) process is a key enabler for larger customer specific enhancements, or development changes during serial production.

Our sales configurator supports the order-to-delivery process and ensures the right specification for material planning and manufacturing process. In addition, Fortaco is committed to spare part availability during entire lifetime of a product, even for inactive, old generation products, which are not included in the manufacturing program any more.

Fortaco is active in EU research programs

Rapid Steel Project

The purpose of the project is to create an integrated tool chain, which includes: optimization of product design based on real-life product usage, simultaneous design of product and manufacturing processes, and robotization of manufacturing process.

RapidSteel project is carried in 2018 – 2021


Both projects are co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Program. Projects are implemented as a part of National Center for Research and Development contest: Fast Track.

Smart Steel Project

The purpose of the project is to develop a toolchain, which is utilizing IoT and blockchain technologies for the estimation and sharing of information about the residual lifetime and the residual value of steel components.

Watch the SmartSteel Demo launch – With the real data from a tram running on Gdansk streets.


Technology offering brochure

Fortaco's offering within the Technology unit includes a broad range of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other technology services.
Download the brochure to find out more.

Business Site videos

We have operations in multiple European and Asian Business Sites and Technology Hubs, which are supporting our global customers. Watch how we take care of our customers products.

Get to know Fortaco

We benchmark ourselves to the automotive industry and standards to secure maximized value add for our customers as a true Tier 1 partner. Get to know us from our company page.


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