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Heart of machine

Fortaco Group and Buisard Cabins have joined forces and established the Fortaco Buisard Cabins entity within Fortaco Group. Through a strategic alliance, we create a market leading vehicle cabin technology and manufacturing company, serving the off-highway equipment industry. Together we will further develop vehicle cabin offerings in the world.

Cabin operations locate in Holic in Slovakia, Kurikka in Finland, Sablé-sur-Sarthe in France and Pune in India. Fortaco Group has a joint venture with Tata AutoComp since 2019 to design and manufacture vehicle cabins in India.

Our combined cabin offering range from completely assembled plug & play vehicle cabins and high-volume operator cabins to agriculture applications.

We have more than 80 years of track-record, and we are one of the most experienced and reliable operator cabin manufacturers in Europe. We are proud of our history and competence as a turn-key service provider for operator cabins.

Our customers rely on our competence in cabin development. In product development, we are focusing on the optimal driver environment, which is tailored to customers’ needs, starting from design and prototyping up to serial manufacturing of a complete plug & play cabin. Driver’s safety and comfort, as well as simple and user friend interface are our top priorities.

The engineering unit of Fortaco Buisard Cabins is a highly competent team of experienced engineers and innovative industrial designers, supported by competent project managers. A close cooperation with our manufacturing units ensure a rapid project execution and optimal manufacturability.

Fortaco Buisard Cabin Technology Hubs are located in Finland, France, and Slovakia.

Why Fortaco Buisard Cabins?

Fortaco Buisard Cabins has a proven track record among many leading off-highway OEMs across off-highway industries. Our experience and continuous communication with customers and end-users enable us to create solutions across industries for improved safety, comfort, and productivity. Operators all over the world can enjoy our expertise in creating safe and user-friend working environment.

Our manufacturing strategy is based on our customized manufacturing philosophy to match the need of different industrial segments. Whether you need 100, 1000 or 10.000 cabins, we have a solution.

We support our customers to design and manufacture optimal solutions for their machines, both in heavy duty applications, such as mining loaders, and also medium duty applications, like telehandlers, or light duty applications, like warehouse forklift trucks.

We understand our customers’ and their customers’ needs.

From Concept to Serial Production

Fortaco Buisard Cabins is a reliable and experienced partner in development and engineering projects. We offer comprehensive project solutions for vehicle cabins, like design concepts, engineered solutions, industrialization, and a customized manufacturing philosophy, which enables both small and high series manufacturing at the same service provider.

Our technology teams support our customers during a various phases of product life cycle. We research modern manufacturing techniques, design best-in-class vehicle cabins to differentiate our customers from a competition, and we offer new product implementation. Also, we offer our customers modern tools to maintain and manage their product data through the whole product life cycle.

More than 80 years of know-how in design and manufacturing make our driver environments unique and fit for the purpose.

Competence Areas

Fortaco has a wide range of knowledge to offer turn-key product development through an internal and external expertise network.


  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • ROPS, FOPS, OPS structural characteristics, testing and certifications
  • Noise and vibration tests
  • Climate chamber tests
  • FEM analysis (Finite Element Method)
  • CFD simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Feasibility and user studies

Virtual and physical prototyping


Process development


Through the joint venture, we combine TATA’s premium capabilities with Fortaco’s knowledge in design and manufacturing technology.

Our offering include low to high-volume operator cabins for Indian agriculture, construction equipment, and other off-highway applications.

Safety cabin manufacturing is made by Tata AutoComp, based on the technology, design and specifications made by Fortaco. Manufacturing operation locates in Pune, India.

Serial manufacturing with flexible cabin content

  • Glasses & wiping systems
  • Drive and management equipment
  • Interior trim
  • HVAC systems
  • Exterior trim

Product lifetime support

  • Design assignments
  • Engineering change requests
  • Product data management (PLM)
  • After market support

The comprehensive range of product development, and new product implementation services ensure a smooth transition from the development phase into the serial production at our facilities in Finland, France, India and Slovakia.


Vehicle Cabin Brochure

Over 80 years of experience and hundreds of successful products show our expertise and reliability in operator cabins. Download the Cabin Operator brochure to find out more and get to know our development expertise.

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We have operations in multiple European and Asian Business Sites and Technology Hubs, which are supporting our global customers. Watch how we take care of our customers products.

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Kurikka, Finland

Fortaco Ostrobothnia Oy
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61300 Kurikka, FINLAND

Olli Koivisto,
General Manager

Tomi Metsä-Ketelä,
Sales Manager

Holic, Slovakia

Fortaco s.r.o.
Staničná 788/11
908 51 Holic, SLOVAKIA

Juraj Prachár,
Managing Director

Enrico Scalzi,
Sales Manager

Pune, India

Fortaco Tata-Autocomp Ltd.
Composites Division
Plot No. 10,11,12, Sr No. 399/1
At Bhare, Pirangut, Pune-412111

Sanjeev Singh
General Director

Pawan Bhagchandani
Business Development

Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France

72302 Sablé-sur-Sarthe, FRANCE

Jean Guy Cocaign
Managing Director